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Biggest Buyers Of Dry Plum | Where to Find Biggest Buyers of Dry Plum?

Biggest Buyers Of Dry Plum want low price and good quality. Each year, about 10 million tons of plums are produced in the world, with Iran producing about 147,000 tons of the world's 10th largest corn borer.Based on the announcement by the FAO, China has produced more than 5 million tons and the United States has produced 675,000 tons of plums, respectively, the world's first and second largest producer of this fruit, followed by Serbia, Romania, Chile, Turkey, Spain, Italy, India and Iran. Are located. Kharv city is 18 kilometers from Neishabur in Iran. With over 400 hectares of plum garden. it is the largest producer and exporter of plums in Iran. And is known as the "polar production unit in Iran". Therefore, paying more attention to this agricultural product can have a high economic value for many buyers of this plum. dry plums benefits are so many to take its trade.

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