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Dried Plum Extract Health Benefits | Dried plum manufacturer

Dried Plum Extract Health Benefits are so much. The Dried Plum Extract Health Benefits are the same as dried plum benefits. Dried plums are one of the body’s nutrients that have wonderful properties on the slimming and digestive system, and also fight diabetes and hepatitis.The majority of people enjoy dessert plum that has a sweet taste and is good enough for health. Dried plums have many health benefits, although some of their side effects should be known, which we will talk about in this article.


Dried Plum extract health benefits : Dried plums contain a significant amount of minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium) and vitamins E, C and vitamin A precursor that protects cells from free radicals and prevents them from degrading. Dried plum is a delicious and popular product that, with all its benefits, should not be overcharged because it causes problems. Dry plum is rich in fiber, and you can add it to your dessert or drink it – but remember to limit its value.

Dried Plum Extract Health Benefits

What to do with overripe Plum?

The plums you choose to dry are best to be meaty and sweet, and we can usually dry all the plums from black plums to yellow ones. You can dry the plums and increase the shelf life

Place the container half full of water and place on heat. When it’s boiled, put plum in it. If the water is boiling, wait a bit to re-boil. Then put it off in the dish and wait until it cools down. Skin plums are easily removed from them. Put peeled plums in a basket and put it in the sun, dry, make sure you do not dry very well. Dried plum puree, like dried Plum , has many properties for human health, and most likely this nymph is used in children’s foods because of its properties.Plum Puree is mixed with other fruit’s puree, like all kinds of pear puree, and they feed on the baby, this mixture is used to treat child diarrhea and many other properties.

Dried Plum Extract Health Benefits

What to do with plums that are not sweet?

Plums have different types that have almost the same properties, but yellow or golden plum has a higher drug value.

Plum chemical compounds: Plums, or the same plums, have many kinds of minerals in terms of drugs and chemical compounds; Iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, fluorine, sulfur, potassium and sugar, as well as vitamins A, B, 2B, C, PP.

If some of the plums you have bought are not sweet, you can dry them and sweeten them when dried. As we have specified for you how to make dried plums, when you put the plum in a boil, you can add some sugar to the water to make it sweet.

Dried Plum Extract Health Benefits

What is the Difference between dried plums & Prunes?

Prune is a fruit for the summer season with the scientific name “Prunus subg” and in various species with a significant nutritional value. In addition to fresh and ripe, this fruit is used in various forms, including dry, corn, tea, dessert, etc.

dried plum vs prunes , There is not much difference between plum and plum , The difference is only in the period of shelf-life, which you can increase with the duration of the plum drying, and in the season when the plum is not found, it can be used to dry it and take advantage of its numerous properties.

Nutrients per 100 grams of plum : Plums are rich in minerals and vitamins needed by the body and consumed by many physicians and nutritionists. Per 100 g of this popular fruit can be found in various types of carbohydrates: 12 g, 10 g sugar, 5.1 g fiber, 0.3 g fat, protein 7.7 g, vitamin A (retinol) 17 μg, beta-carotene ( A kind of pigment that causes the color of fruits (190 mg).

Dried Plum Extract Health Benefits

Do Plums have the same laxative effect as prunes?

In plum, there is a significant amount of fiber that increases the growth of beneficial human bacteria and at the same time prevents the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the intestines of humans. plum desserts healthy , The most natural, best and safest way to treat constipation and hemorrhoids is to use different forms of plum and plum that should be cooked or soaked.

The plums have the same laxative effect as prunes , This fruit is the best way to treat constipation, because it has a lot of fiber, and the best laxative is natural, and if you suffer from constipation, you can treat it with a variety of fruits at the time of the cattery.

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