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Importers of dry plum in india | what are the best prunes to buy?

Importers of dry plum in india are numerous. Plum fruit is one of the most consuming fruits in the world. The fresh and dried plums are both popular. In food industry plums are used in many ways. There are different kinds of plum with different shapes and different colors. All the kinds are tasteful and have enormous health benefits. Plum tree is grown in many countries but the trees are divided into two groups. There are trees that are Japanese and trees that are European. Importers of dry fruits in India import European plum.

These two kinds of plum are suitable for different purposes. Plum jam, jelly, soup, etc. use the Japanese kind of plum. And The dried plum are those which have grown on European trees. Plum tree with both Japanese and European origin are also produced in other countries like the ones in south America and the ones in Asia.


Which country is famous for dry fruits?

Imported dry fruits in India like dried plum are from Iran and Turkey and some European countries like Germany. Plums that are either fresh or dried have different kinds. Here are some of them.

Japanese plums:

  • Snata Rosa plum which is watery and a little bitter
  • Queen Rosa plum which is like santa rosa in color
  • Casselman plum which is very sweet
  • Angelino plum which is suitable for making jam
  • Simaka which has a great odor

There are more types of Japanese plum which are red beauty, black amber, Laroda, El Dorado, and Friar.

European plums are stanleys which has tough flesh; Blufre; Damsons which are small in size and tasteful.

This diversity in plum kinds are interesting. Each one has a especial taste. They are all popular.

Importers of dry plum in india | what are the best prunes to buy?

What is dry fruit nutrition?

Dry fruit nutrition facts like dried plums are perfect. Dry plum nutrition benefits are as follows. In a university research and experiment it was proved that this dried fruit is great for losing weight. Sample individuals who had dried plum for a short period lost two kilos. The reason is that this dried fruit has a lot of energy for human body and is not digested quickly. Human body feels full and do not demand food to eat.


Dried plum has a great effect on digestive system of human body. It will slow down food process in large intestine and will help with the growth of useful bacteria in there which results in a better digestion. People with liver problem in which the number of enzymes go up can eat plum to get better. Eating three dried plums with a little water will make it better.

Importers of dry plum in india | what are the best prunes to buy?

sunsweet prunes for dried plum

Sunsweet prunes and other kinds of packages sell more than unpackaged ones. In any case there are some interesting facts about plums. In one hundred grams of plum there are 16 grams of carbohydrate, 0.4 grams of protein, 65 calories, 250 units of Vitamin A, 0.07 milligrams of thiamine, 0.04 milligrams of riboflavin, 6 milligrams of ascorbic acid, 2 milligrams of sodium, 167 milligrams of potassium, 13 milligrams of calcium, and many other things.

Plums have both inward and outward attractions. The color is beautiful and the shape is nice. And the inner properties of plums as mentioned are quite unique. That is why the demand for this fruit is so high in the market.

Importers of dry plum in india | what are the best prunes to buy?

Are prunes and dried plums the same?

All prunes are in fact plums. However, all plums are not prunes. Prune plums are the ones that contain high sugar which makes them suitable for drying. This product is affordable by all people. The prices are not so high. This is another reason the demand is high. Everyday more and more factories start making their own brands of plums and prunes. This makes the market very competitive and will help people to buy them in lower prices. Plums are very popular.

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