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Dry Plum Supplier |Dried Pitted Plums Best Shape for Trades

Dry Plum Supplier offers good and low price.With 15 important gardening products, Iran has a world leader in many fruits. In terms of product diversity, gardening products, after the countries of China, the United States and Turkey, have ranked third in the world. According to FAO, Iran has a world leader in production of one-third of the world’s largest products.

The share of Iran garden products is 15 products. Of the major producer of fruit chips, South Africa and its Johannesburg is named for the production of apples, pears and peaches cheeps. And Turkey is famous for apricots and figs. Argentina is also known for producing plums. Iran has second place in the world in producing apricot chips after Turkey.

Dry Plum Supplier |Dried Pitted Plums Best Shape for Trades

Dried Sour Plum Benefits & Uses


Dried plums will feed you.This property of plum is due to the fibers contained therein. Dried plums have a lot of fiber. Plum is both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. In 100 grams of dried plums, 7 grams or as large as oat bran. Nutrition There is a need for fiber to eliminate appetite. Fibers are also essential for improving bowel function. In particular, modern nutrition is trying to take advantage of meat and dairy consumption. To overcome your eating disadvantage, you should eat fake foods. So add some dried apples to some of your foods. You can also take this dry fruit as a soup. If you do not have constipation. Avoid daily consumption of more than 2 dry prunes. Do not get disturbed by the intestines.

Dried plum, natural anti-blood pressure. You ask why Because the plum is rich in potassium. Potassium is an essential element in strengthening the cardiovascular system. Sets the function of the heart. And the benefits of potassium have been shown to lower high blood pressure. In 100 grams of dried plums, there are 800 mg of potassium. That is, 2 pips of dry prunes will supply one of the body’s potassium units. And so the prune is a very rich mineral fruit.

On the other hand, potassium and dry plum flavonoids usually prevent cardiovascular disease. It is noteworthy that taking 1 or 2 drops of plum is sufficient between meals or as a plow. Keep away from excessive consumption of plum because of the effects of plum.

Dry Plum Supplier |Dried Pitted Plums Best Shape for Trades

Dried Pitted Plums for Exporter at Wholesale price


Due to the fact that Iranian dried plums have a lot of fans in foreign markets. Because the nutritional value of dried plum is very high. And the amount of fiber and antioxidant and its sugar and calories is 5 times more fresh. Iran’s plum, especially the yellow plum, has many people in the world. This plum is Bukhara’s pleasure. Tens of thousands of this product are produced and exported annually in Iran. An exporter of premium grade dried plums has been able to sell its products with brand and package at very reasonable prices in these markets.

Prunes are among the freshly used fruits. But transporting as well as long-term storage of this fresh plum is very difficult. And it costs. Most plums produced in the country are dried and marketed. Dried Pitted Plums for Exporter at Wholesale price are offered hear. dried sour plum benefits is good.

Dry Plum Supplier |Dried Pitted Plums Best Shape for Trades

Do Plums Have The Same Laxative Effect As Prunes?


Dry plum is a natural remedy for repelling! The amount of fiber it contains is almost equivalent to oatmeal. In fact, 4 dried plums contain about 3 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber. Dried plums are due to their soluble fibers. The high fiber of this fruit makes it easier to dispose of the stool. For this reason, the use of this fruit is useful by the ancients. And facilitates disposal in them. And the insoluble fibers in it accelerate the passage of exudates from the intestine. Of course, this superb dry fruit also has two natural laxatives, diphenylisatine and sorbitol. Nutritionists recommend. If you have constipation, take 2 or 3 drops of prunes daily with breakfast. Of course, you can adjust your intake according to your temperament. do plums have the same laxative effect as prunes? Yes.

Dry Plum Supplier |Dried Pitted Plums Best Shape for Trades

Dry Plum Supplier & Manufacturer


Selecting the type of dry prune with regard to the target market is essential in business. We can have plenty of good mushrooms for Iranian dried plums around the world.  Different countries have been able to import this product with different qualitative grades due to the financial ability of their people. The production of premium grade prunes is essential for merchants of this product. Or, with different ratings, it has made it possible for traders and exporters. Which is available for different markets for dried plums. And by doing this, we can export many of our export markets. Another topic that includes variation for the production of prunes. The price of the finished product, or the same, is the price of major sales of dried plums. Different productions of dry plums have also greatly reduced production costs. And all of the products produced can be used for sale.

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